Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited knows that there are many different kinds of guides available in London. First of all, while travelling in London, people should have a map of London and a guide book having details of all the local markets, subway stations, and eating places. If you did not get time to do that then there are different companies available in London, who not only provide travel facilities to their customers but also offer guide services.

They will offer some luxurious travel, eating, and shopping items, which will help all those who travel to London. They also provide dedicated guides to their customers, so that they can see the city the why an local would.

People can see many places while travelling in London. XYZ Resort understands that one thing everyone should see is the changing of guards at Buckingham Palace. Then they have to visit the famous Victoria and Albert Museum. Millennium Bridge and the St. Paul’s Cathedral also attract many travelers towards them. Normally, all the guide companies provide services for all these popular landmarks. Harrod’s food halls provide a different kind of eating place and a new experience to all the visitors. South Bank and London eye is also an attraction for all those who want to visit London.

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited knows that with proper preparation, or an excellent guide, you’ll be able to find a breathtaking trip through London.

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Martyn Ravenhill knows that when talking about Lloydshare Limited and its Vacation Ownership Linked Deferred Annuities, three small words – assure, ensure, and insure – often arise and, not understanding the exact meaning of each word, can often result in misunderstandings and confusion.

The word “assure” means to tell someone with confidence, to make someone feel confident about something, to remove doubt, or to promise something. In the case of Lloydshare, company representatives assure its clients that by investing in a one-time premium payment they will receive a guaranteed payment equal to the value of their vacation membership at the end of 10, 15, 20 or 25 years, depending on the deferred annuity policy purchased.

The word “ensure” means to guarantee or make certain that something will happen. For example, Martyn Ravenhill and Lloydshare ensure a monetary repayment to its clients in the long-term, providing that the client does not breach the policy’s Terms and Conditions.

The word “insure” is associated with providing financial protection against the loss of something. In the case of Lloydshare, the Vacation Ownership Linked Deferred Annuity is designed to insure clients from the financial loss normally associated with purchasing a vacation membership. In other words, Lloydshare allows its clients to experience a financial gain when their vacation membership and/or deferred annuity policy expires as opposed to simply losing the money that was initially invested in the membership program.

To sum up and differentiate between the three terms, Martyn Ravenhill and Lloydshare assures its clients that it will ensure repayment upon the deferred annuity’s maturity date will essentially insure clients against financial loss experience throughout the duration of the membership but will not insure its clients against failure to maintain annual membership fees.

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Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare knows that there are a lot of different types of scams out there that you should be aware of. A very dangerous scam involves fake car stops.   Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare suggests that if there are multiple police officers, and it is not in a secluded area, stop and crack your window and ask to check the badges.  Always carry a cell phone and always know the emergency numbers for the area within your itinerary.    In Mexico, the emergency number is #066.   Use your instincts and always use caution when approaching such a scene.

The last cautionary tale is not exactly a scam, but more a word of advice:  When traveling and drinking, always know your taxi cab drivers.  If possible after a long night of drinking, call one of the drivers you know or the one who dropped you off.   Martyn Ravenhill of Lloyd share knows that if you are planning on walking after a night out, use your head.   Don’t wear the Rolex or the precious family jewelry. In both cases, only carry as much money as you plan on spending for the evening. Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare hopes that you can take these tips with you to make your vacation the best that it can be.

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Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare knows that to those who are not familiar with the Banderas Bay area, Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta are often seen as being that same location, when, in fact, there are many differences between the two destinations.

Nueva Vallarta means New Vallarta and, while not being too simplistic, comparing the old versus the new accounts for a large part of the difference between staying in Nuevo Vallarta and staying in Puerto Vallarta.  Nuevo Vallarta is brand new, when comparing it to Puerto Vallarta, full of manicured highways with lush greenery lining the streets. It has many golf courses that are meticulously kept; high class resorts that gleam with marble, extremely high ceilings; and vast numbers of walls adorned with art and sculptures. Many of the resorts are “all inclusive” so they attract families and large groups, and even though you are living in luxury, the prices are, surprisingly, quite affordable.

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Now Puerto Vallarta on the other hand is older and quainter with its cobblestone streets and smaller brick structures.  In a way it is freer, less controlled, definitely less manicured, has far easier access to the public beaches, and, generally, a more social destination. Martyn Ravenhill knows that Puerto Vallarta has smaller venues of all kinds - smaller stores, smaller restaurants, smaller salons – and is more cozy, so to speak.  Puerto Vallarta has more of an atmosphere and a reputation that has built up over the years while Nuevo Vallarta is just beginning to form one.

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare knows that having a reputation might not always seem like a good thing but in the case of Puerto Vallarta, it has a very good one.  Nuevo Vallarta will get there but it is still young and still new. There is a lot to choose from in the Banderas Bay and, as usual, there is no wrong choice!  Just come to Mexico, the water is fine!

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Martyn Ravenhill is the President and CEO of Lloydshare Limited and also has not too long ago was given an Appreciation Award with regard to his work by Maxwell Magazine. The honor illustrates Mr. Ravenhill for being highlighted within the magazine all through last year as being a highlighted Business Profile.

The prize was offered during Maxwell Magazine’s 3rd anniversary event in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Martyn Ravenhill had this to mention about the award:
“Recognition is as equally important as reward in my view, when the two are combined it really demonstrates something meaningful and special. I wish to thank everyone at Maxwell Magazine for their appreciation and continued success.”

Lloydshare has also gotten a ‘Best Developer Partner’ award from Perspective Magazine for superior business practices. In addition they continue to grow inside the market through providing benefits, along with respect, to their members.

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